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notes from expository.
communist manifesto:

2. published in german in england
3. written to laborers? wide range and mid range classes of other countries
4. written in a sort of academic way (scholars/ teachers)
5. able to read or write (upperclass)
6. religious folks
7. written to inspire change in other countries. fear of this super power.

who can change things?

the crowd? the literate proletariat? the few in the upper class who could spark/instigate change?

scholarly language. how does it work or not work?

"harping on capitalism".

during industrial revolution.
fair trade.
coming out of fuedal system.

"when discussing globalization, i get very angry." - doaine b.

"the bible isn't dead. it's about humanity."

thoreau. is that how you spell thur-oh?

sex education? i wonder what i should write about.

today is good.
today is good.
in jesus name.
in jesus name.
shut up brains.
shut up emotions.
God is in charge.

writing options:
1. Civil Rights
2. Peace Movements
3. Women's Movements
4. Green Movements


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