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fitting into a plan
in the end, i hope i said the right things.
and did the right things.
treated you better than you deserve.

forgave and forgive continuously.
loved and tried to hold my tongue.
treating you better than you deserve.

this wet rag has been rung and rung and rung
till the last drop drips through the cracks between my fingers.
dried up.

to say i've had enough of you is putting it lightly.

in the end, i'd like to think this will end up with something good.
in the end, i'd like to hope you'll screw your backwards head on straight.
in the end...
i just... regret.

for we are assured and know beyond doubt, 
that God being a partner in their labor,
all things work together and are fitting into a plan for good
to and for those who love God and are called 
according to His design and purpose.

with God as my partner
the hell you put me through will blossom into something good.
in Jesus name.
and with God as my partner.

in the end.


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