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i like my eggs sunny side up
have you ever seen runaway bride?
well, in this movie, julia roberts almost gets married a bunch of times but never goes
through with it. hence.."the runaway bride".
then of course she discovers richard gere and they fall in love...
blah blah blah.

one of the scenes i was thinking about this morning 
is a scene where richard gere's character asks julia's character how she likes her eggs cooked.
julia's answer suspiciously matches type of eggs her boyfriend said he liked.

so richard goes and asks all of her other boyfriends what style of egg she liked,
and all of them say "the same way I liked mine cooked..."

at the end of the movie, julia tries all the different styles of eggs there are...
scrambled. poached. over easy. sunny side up.
and discovers which one SHE actually likes.
on her own volition.


I liked my eggs sunny side up. sometimes...
well, usually runny.


if purity is just something un-mixed.
something purely its own...
then i do not think i'm very close to being purely what God made me.

i'm a mix of someone's opinion here.
a magazine add there.
and a little bit of "my own"-ness somewhere in the melting pot, too...

i'm trying to discover who i am.
minus all my ex-boyfriend's opinions.
minus my comparisons with other girls.
minus my fear of not being cool.
minus what music everyone ELSE enjoys.
minus how other people worship or sing.
minus how someone does her hair.
minus how other girls flirt, or talk, or dress, or walk.

purely chloe,
purely this unique, new creation that i know i am in the finished work of Jesus.


sometimes things aren't all so spiritual...
"know who you are in Christ" everyone  tells me.
here's the thing:
i can quote scriptures and memorize till i'm blue in the face,
but if i can't apply it to real life, or real things then what's the use.

what does being a "new creation" mean when i'm getting dressed?
or when i'm writing music?
or when i'm talking to my friends?

completely unheard of.
new in age.
new in form.
an original work of art, a one of a kind masterpiece.
blooming with life.

not some copy of what someone thought was awesome in 9th grade.
or what some boy said i looked pretty in.

in and of Himself,
Christ makes me the most unique Chloe' Christine there ever was or ever will be.
and in that,
i am purely a new creation.

i like to wear dresses. 
i like blindside. any day of the week.
i love to sing really loud in the shower.
i like quiet mornings.
i like my guitar.
my heart is beaming when i get to sing praise and i actually think about the words and what they mean.
i love holding hands.
i like my hair up.
sometimes i want to chop it all off just for fun.
i like my white skin and no i don't want a tan.
i don't have a tiny, itsy bitsy waist, or butt or thighs....but you know what?
i'm okay with it. 
i'm really good at finding the best in people...when i put my heart into it.
i love school and i love learning stuff. and, according to my grades, i'm pretty good at it too.
most of all....
i am so madly in love with Jesus.
in Him i see that this earth,
my friends, my family,
my lungs, my breath...
each and every detail is some sort of symphony He's orchestrating.
and it reaches the ears of my soul and makes me want to bust out in jumps and leaps and yells and screams.

nothing has ever felt more right than when i'm just sitting here,
listening and watching and considering His melodies.
His masterpiece.
the brush strokes of His love and grace that are painted across the universe.

I love the artist that is my God.
and in that, i am secure.
in Him i am secure.
and purely who He has made me to be.

a work of art.
a note in His chorus.
a dab of paint on this canvas.

this is me.
so far....

and currently, God is burning off all of the excess labels and opinions and "cool"ness that's caked all over me.
boiling me down to purely chloe, Christ's beloved new creation.


stoked for what's next.


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